The ‘Girly’ or ‘Manly’ Drink

In the first of our new series of short blogs, we will be tackling an issue very close to our hearts here; The ‘Girly’ Drink. An unfortunate thing about modern bartending is that we are still, to this day, having to fight against the idea of drinks possessing a gender or sexuality. This is quite often associated with both the glassware the drink is presented in, and the style of the cocktail itself. Now, lets get one thing very clear; there is no such thing as a girly drink any more than there is a manly one.

 Its an outdated notion at best, and quite frankly it’s pretty patronising. The idea that a woman cannot, or worse – should not, order or consume a certain type of drink purely based on their genitalia is ridiculous. Why should a drink be for him more than her?  Why can’t women drink Rum and why can’t men enjoy a delicate and sumptuous Chanel No.5? Of course they can, the only thing generally stopping them is the fear of being mocked or branded by the people around them.

We understand that historically certain drinks have been attributed through advertisements to one gender or the other, we can all picture a jeans-clad cowboy sipping back on bourbon or a scantily clad woman propping up the bar with a cosmopolitan, but come on folks, its 2017. That style of advertising belongs with The Long Island Iced Tea and The Glass Ceiling -somewhere a long way in the past.

A long, long way…

If you find that you want an Aperol Spritz (highly refreshing, like the Italian version of the Gin and Tonic ), then bloody well have one. If Single Malt Scotch is your tipple of choice then have a chat with the bartender and they’ll happily oblige. But don’t think for one second that you have to have what society still says is appropriate. Hell, have Tequila when your mates are on pints, and a good slug of Sauvignon when your boss is quaffing back Cider – no one likes a kiss ass anyway so you might as well stand out as someone who knows what they want.

We suppose the biggest thing is to not be afraid of what you order.  We understand that can be hard in somewhere like here given the sheer volume of glorious drinks we have, but that’s where the bartender can step in to help. We’re always happy to help you folks to choose whatever you want, we just need some pointers to help along the way. However you’ll never fail to gain the respect of those around you by knowing exactly what you want and why.

To sum up, life is about enjoyment, and what better way to do that than to eat and drink whatever you want. It’s your body after all, what you put inside it should only matter to you.

And, if you’re one of those people who chooses to use the word ‘gay’ or anything else in order to describe a drink – please show yourself the door. Before we do…

Thanks for reading