House Rules

House Rules


Whilst Mojitos are indeed fantastic drinks, please feel free to peruse the cocktail menu before making a decision, there are many other fantastic drinks available. No, really. Please…

Choice is never a bad thing and there is no such thing as too much of it. Guests are encouraged to try the weird and wonderful, this is why we stock it. Do not be afraid to break the mould.

Please do not drop names; Bartenders are not paid to pick them up. It gives us bad backs.

Please treat the toilets with the respect with which you treat the rest of the bar. Guests are politely but firmly asked to use the toilets one at a time; one does not require a friend to hold ones hand by now.

Please refrain from heavy petting and ‘French kissing’ whilst standing at the bar, it is an unpleasant sight for the bartenders present and has been known to spread germs. And cause the early onset of children.

Monetary notes are not to be waved at the bar, nor are fingers to be clicked. Both may be burned if this occurs. If you require the attention of the Bartender, merely smile in their direction and they shall be with you shortly thereafter.

Tipping will result in speedier and improved service, this is a fact. Try it.

Candles are a source of lighting and a creator of ambience, not a source of fun or an innovative table covering. Please refrain from creating wax sculptures on the tables as they are somewhat difficult to remove.

‘Stag’ and ‘Hen’ parties are not welcome, however pre-wedding groups are. ‘Pub Golf’ is neither a respected past-time nor a gentlemanly sport and is not to be participated in.

The garden closes at 10.30pm prompt, please do not linger as this is a license stipulation, not a management decision, and please respect our neighbours as if they were your own. Actually, like they’re our neighbours.

Feel free to comment on the wonderful job performed by our Disk Jockeys; however we ask that you refrain from asking them to play ‘your type of music’. The management cannot accept responsibility for any actions taken by the resident Disk Jockeys in this case, nor would we wish to.

Please be aware that letting bartenders through when it is busy is beneficial to all concerned, and will result in increased efficiency at the bar and therefore increased imbibing, as well as happier bartenders.

Time at the bar is not an option, it is an unfortunate fact; please refrain from trying to persuade the bartender otherwise. There will undoubtedly be a negative response the first time and the management can give assurance that the bartender has heard every reason before. The answer shall remain the same.

Please respect our doorman. He is after all a true gentleman. And bloody huge. Take the hint.