Beer Menu

Amoeba may be a cosy, compact craft beer and cocktail bar, but that doesn’t stop us from thinking big and trying to cram as much as possible into our fridges. We’re proud to say that we have one of Bristol’s finest ranges of craft beers, bottled ales, small batch cans and speciality brews. The choice of beers does get changed at whim but here’s a menu to give you an idea of what we might have available- including a fine range of gluten free beers, vegan beers and low alcohol brews:

Lagers and Light Ales

Vedett – Belgium – 5.0%

Alhambra 1925 Reserva – Spain – 6.4%

Augustiner Helles – Germany – 5.2%

Brooklyn Lager – U.S.A. – 5.0%

Einstock Pale – Iceland – 5.6%

Little Creatures – Australia – 5.2%

Menabrea – Italy – 4.8%

Modello Especial – Mexico – 4.5%

Quilmes – Argentina – 4.9%

Kellerpills – England – 4.8%

Edison Lager – England – 4.8%

LBF Surfacing (GF) – England – 4.0%

Flavoured Beers

Bacchus Raspberry – Belgium – 5.0%

Bacchus Cherry – Belgium – 5.8%

Banana Bread Beer – England – 5.2%

Hollows Ginger Beer – England – 4.0%

Sleeping Lemons – England – 3.6%

Club Tropicana – England – 5.5%


Burrow Hill – England – 6.0%

Capel Road – England – 5.2%

Devon Red – England -4.5%

Luscombe – England – 4.9%

Old Rosie – England – 7.3%

Orchard Pig Charmer – England – 6.0%

Ales and IPAs 

Coopers Pale Ale – Australia – 4.5%

Doggie Style – U.S.A. – 5.5%

Goose Island – USA – 5.9%

Hitachino Nest – Japan – 7.0%

No Rest for Dancers – England – 6.2%

Sierra Nevada – U.S.A. – 5.6%

Sierra Torpedo –  U.S.A. – 7.2%

Snake Dog IPA – U.S.A. – 7.1%

Hop Hand Fallacy – England – 4.4%

Wiper & True IPA – England – Various%

Wiper & True Amber – England – Various%

Running with Sceptres – England – 5.2%

Big Drop Pale Ale – England – 0.5%

Traditionals and Stout

Bath Ales Gem – England – 4.8%

Dragon Stout – Jamaica – 7.5%

Shangri-La – England – 4.2%

Spitfire – England – 4.5%

Guinness Export – Nigeria – 7.5%

Meantime London Stout – England – 4.5%

Stay Puft – Wales – 5.2%

Wheated and Belgium

Duvel – Belgium – 8.5%

DOA Hefeweizen – Mexico – 5.5%

Eienstok White – Iceland – 5.2%

Leffe Blonde – Belgium – 6.6%

McChouffe – Belgium – 8.0%

Raging Bitch – U.S.A. – 8.3%

Schneider Weiss – Belgium – 5.4%

New! Gluten Free Beer

gluten free beer menu Amoeba bristol

London Beer Factory- Surfacing- 4% abv

A clean, light, and traditional German style lager made gluten free. Balancing body and bitterness, a clean malt bill allows for the classic Hallertau Blanc hops to produce a crisp and refreshing brew

Interesting flavours well blended whilst not being too strong to prevent you having another (or three).

First Chop S’up 3.9% abv

Pale amber, IPA style with a lower a.b.v. but doesn’t hold back on the hops. Big tropical fruit notes with a spicy, resinous, smooth bitter finish. Dry hopped with mosaic.

For a beer with a low a.b.v. in the IPA style, it still packs a hearty punch in everything we love about IPAs.

Big Drop Pale – 0.5% abv

This dry-hopped pale ale is deliciously refreshing. The nose has hints of pine and honey. Packed full of flavour from citrus-heavy hops with a twist of fresh lime to create a crisp, zesty beer.  This Pale Ale is greatly accessible and Gluten-Free containing <10 PPM.

Light but flavourful pale ale, we were all surprised to find out how low the a.b.v. was. No flavour lacking.

Bath Ales- Wild Hare-5%abv

This Classic British pale ale uses English-grown First Gold hops to add fleshy fruits, floral acacia and lots of citrus notes to the beers light, malty taste. Gluten free and certified with Coeliac UK

Full flavoured classic British ale with flavours that remind you of picking fruit from the hedgerows as a child

Coalition Brewing Co.- Zen Pale Ale- 4.5%abv

Zen Pale Ale by Coalition Brewing Co is an enticing blend of classic British pale ale and exceptional Japanese Okumidori Kabusecha Green Tea sourced from the best tea specialists around – Lalan & co

It has become my breakfast beer of choice and fools me into thinking that I’m adhering to my  healthy new years resolution.

Mongozo Pils- 5%abv

This lager lacks nothing but gluten. It’s full flavoured and biscuit like all good lagers should be, with a crisp, refreshing finish. It also happens to be Fair Trade and organic, so it is a beer truly anyone can enjoy. 

Crisp and refreshing everything you would expect from a Pilsner.

Big Drop Stout- 0.5%abv

Notes of coffee, cocoa nibs and a lingering hint of sweet vanilla this beer is dark, rich and indulgent

We can see why the low a.b.v. trend is doing so well at the moment and Big drop brewing are at the forefront with this tasty stout that is set to tantalise.


Heavily hopped Mosaic Pale Ale with bold floral and tropical fruit flavours and aromas

We do love a local Brewery and Arbor continually deliver with their great flavours, you can taste passion which goes in to every drop of the first quenching, moreish delight.

NEW! Vegan Beer

vegan beer bristol amoeba

Zen Pale Ale- 4.5%abv

Vegan AND Gluten free beer, see description in Gluten Free Beers

First Chop S’up 3.9% abv

Vegan AND Gluten free beer, see description in Gluten Free Beers


Smooth cereal and fresh hops. Crisp with balanced acidity.

Vegan AND Alcohol free. It helped us get through dry January with a feeling of virtuous superiority.

Moor Beer Company- Nor’Hop-4.1%abv

The nose of Nor’Hop has a delicate mixture of citrus notes, on top of a bed of elderflowers both vying for your attention and screaming out over the base layer of biscuit from the malt. In the mouth these flavours continue to dominate with its natural carbonation bringing a softer carbonation that rides over the tongue filling every spot, before departing in a notably clean bitterness.

Citric, sweet yet still holding onto its bitterness like a teen’s unrequited love that we can all relate to.

Moor Beer Company-Claudia-4.5%abv

Claudia will seduce you. Californian in her hoppy brashness. British in her infinite drinkability. Germanic in her perfumed aroma and beautiful blonde, cloudy appearance.

Moor said it best “Wheat, Drink and be Merry”

Moor Beer Company- Hoppiness-6.5%abv

Possessing the rich malt and fruit flavours of a barley wine, and the hoppy crispness of a pale ale, this IPA is a mainstay of Moor’s classically influenced range. 

What Theresa May always craved but never quite achieved… This is both, “Strong” and “Stable”

Big Drop Pale 0.5%abv

Vegan AND Gluten Free. Something for everyone. See description in Gluten Free Beers

Big Drop Stout- 0.5%abv

Vegan AND Gluten Free. See description in Gluten Free Beers

Thornbridge-Florida Weisse-4.5%abv

A hazy and refreshing fruit sour that is bracingly tart. It pours with a pinkish hue and is absolutely brimming with the flavour of fresh raspberries.

Probably our only note on this great beer is the name- why didn’t they call it Miami Weisse?

Low and No Alcohol Beers

Big Drop Stout- 0.5%abv

Low alcohol AND Gluten Free. See description in Gluten Free Beers

Big Drop Pale 0.5%abv

Low alcohol AND Gluten Free. See description in Gluten Free Beers


Alcohol free AND vegan. See description in Vegan beers